March 26, 2017

4 New Features of Windows 10 in 2017


Microsoft Edge browser, formerly known as Project Spartan, wasn’t included in the first few builds of Windows 10. But since its big unveiling at Build 2015, it’s now fully featured and ready to use.
Edge is the new build in browser came with Windows 10, with Internet Explorer consigned to the background to support legacy software. It features such as a screen grab tool with touchscreen doodling abilities, a note pad and reading mode. Cortana was also be built into the browser, so your search results will be tailored to you, plus you’ll have restaurant reviews, directions and so on beamed straight to you. Read more...


It is the Microsoft’s virtual assistant, that has been present as phone operating system for a while now, and is one of the newest features of Windows 10. Accessible directly from the desktop with either a click or a voice to search, it’s used as a handy helper when you need to get stuff done.
You can ask it any questions, such as "Where is the phone shop in Cambodia?", immediately it’ll populate with the latest news each morning, not at all it also supports more advanced features such as providing directions, creating reminders and dictating short notes – there's lots of different commands to try.

3) The new Start Menu 

Desktop users can view regularly used apps easier than window 8 or 8.1 with friendly interface because it have the ability to use universal search (including web search) instead of swiping from the right of the screen to show the charms bar and also have the ability to shut down or restart a Windows 10 computers. In something of a surprise move, Microsoft has softened its hard stance on the block-colour aesthetic of Windows 10 and added transparency back into the Start Menu.