April 11, 2017

Update Your Window 10 with Window 10 Update Assistant

Windows 10 Update Assistant is a small tool of Microsoft products update which help you to update and install newer versions of window 10 and provide the latest features and improvements to keep your window system more securely.

One you launch the Windows 10 Update Assistant will downloads and starts setup for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) that can take more time to complete downloading depend on you internet speed. Immediately the Windows 10 Update Assistant then will deployed to Windows 10 PCs that have not yet had the latest update installed. You can download here...

You can find which version of Windows 10 that your computer is currently running to verify whether you are eligible for the Windows 10 Anniversary update. To do this, click the Start button, then click Settings > System > About.
  1. If you see Version 10.0 (Build 10240) or Version 1511 (OS Build 10565), you are eligible to install the Windows 10 Anniversary update.
  2. If you see Version 1607 (OS Build 14393), you already have the Windows 10 Anniversary update.
For more information about Windows Update, see....