July 2, 2017

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive Without Using Any Software

Actually USB Flash Drive not only for storing data but we can use as a bootable for window like CD or DVD. There are many methods and programs to create a bootable USB flash drive, in this tutorial will show you step by step about: how to create bootable USB flash drive using command Line.
  • USB Flash Drive 4 GB size for minimum capacity or larger is better.
  • A Computer running window 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later with window default Command Prompt (CMD)

Now Let start :)
Step 1 : Make USB Flash drive as bootable drive
  • Insert your USB flash drive (assume that your USB flash dive letter is F: )
  • Launch command prompt (CMD) as administrator
  • Type Diskpart and press Enter to go to disk part command line like this DISKPART >
  • Type list disk and press Enter to show all disks in your computer to make sure you select the correct disk for make a bootable media or confuse format data drive. As use see Disk 0 is our hard drive and Disk 1 is USB flash drive 7392 MB = 8 GB capacity.
  • Type Select disk 1 which is your USB flash drive.
  • Type clean and press Enter. This step will delete all your data from USB flash drive (make sure you backup all data already).
  • Type Create partition primary and press Enter to make a partition primary on your USB flash drive. Usually window created it as partition 1.
  • Type Select partition 1 and press Enter to choose a partition that you just created for making as an active partition.
  • Type format fs=ntfs quick and press Enter. If you want to make a bootable support with UEFI platform you should use FAT32 rather than NTFS for example format fs=fat32 quick and press Enter.
  • Type active and press Enter.
  • Type exit to leaving DISKPART Command but do not close command line window. Use for next step.
Step 2 : Copy window file and folder
Insert DVD window or mount from ISO file (assume that DVD Window drive latter is E: ) if have, and copy all file and folder contain DVD or ISO file to your USB flash drive. Once command prompt open type xcopy e: \ *. * f: \ / E / H / F and press Enter and wait until complete then your USB flash drive is ready for boot installing window. Done!!!

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