January 31, 2018

Install GNS3 Simulator on Window 10


GNS3 (Graphical Network Simulator-3) is a simulator tools for network infrastructure to build read lap with combination of real physical and virtual devices.

This tutorial will assist you about installing GNS3 VM virtual server and configuring with Virtual server.


  • Assume that I have a computer running window 10 64 bit with Core i7 Processor, 8 GB Ram, 1TB Hard Disk.
  • VMware workstation installed on real physical computer.
  • Internet connection to real physical computer

Installing & Configuring

Go to download GNS3 Software from official website but you have to sign up with website in case you didn't have an account yet. It's not difficult for you just click sign up at the top right corner of the website and then follow the instruction.
I have already download to my computer GNS3-1.5.2-all-in-one.exe
Run file setup as administrator and follow the installing instruction

Click until you see Choose Components step unchecked WinPCAP, NpCap, Wireshark, TightVNC Viewer and than click Next -> Click Install

Install VMware workstation (See here...) than add GNS3 VM Virtual Machines by: Go to download file from and choose the version that compatible with GNS3 (1.5.2 above picture)

After complete download, extract the zip file (OVA extension). Start VMware workstation Click "File" and Click "Open...".

Leave default name of virtual machine and click Import 

Wait until it's completely (don't power on this time), Right Click on GNS3 VM Virtual Machine choose "Settings..."
In Network Adapter rotate NAT to Host-only and Host-only to NAT and click OK.

Now let start GNS3 by open GNS3 shortcut on your desktop, It will start GNS3 VM immediately, just make sure it get IP address and can access internet.

In GNS3 Windows go to "Edit" Select "Preference..." Once preferences windows open, go to "Server" and Select "GNS3 VM Server Tab" Tick "Enable the GNS3 VM" and choose VMware radio button. Click OK

In the same Preference windows go to "VMware" Then Select "Network Tab" and click "Configure Button"


That all about Installing and configuring GNS3 VM Virtual Server in window 10. It's will be useful for your learning and testing with real situation in class or work environment. If you have any question or suggestions about this topic, please leave your comment bellow I will try my best to review and reply you. Finally, thank for your attention here.

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