February 4, 2018

The walking Dead Typing English [PC]


The Typing of the Dead is a kind of terrifying game typing developed by WOW Entertainment. The game describe about a secret agent in the dangerous house against with zombie-infested to rescue the victims that have bit by those zombie and destroy them.

How to Play

Player have to type words, sentence, or phrases that is accompanied by respective zombie and other enemies in order to kill them, don't let them come close to us that will make us dangerous. The length, and complexity, of the phrases increase during the game's progression.

Download & Install

You can download free free from The Typing of Dead for PC after complete download, extract file (Typing of the Dead) After that copy that folder to drive C:/ and open. Now run the Install.exe file as administrator.

Make sue you have select folder you copied (Typing of the Dead) then click OKAY Button.
Wait until process complete 100% then click Quit button

In the same folder find setup.bat file and run as administrator
Now run Tod_e.exe to play


That all about download and Installing Typing of the Dead. It's will be help and fun for you with horror story and speed up your typing faster and faster. If you have any question or suggestions about this topic, please leave your comment bellow I will try my best to review and reply you. Finally, thank for your attention here.

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