April 9, 2018

Clean Duplicate SID of Server When Clone by Sysprep


I have installed window server in VMware and I have to install a few server but I can't install one by one, so I clone VM from the once that I installed already. After completely clone I start it and it running as normal but when I try to join to domain it show error as picture bellow: 

After try to research a few day I found simple solution, you can try follow 
  • Open Command Prompt as administrator and Change directory to c:\windows\system32\sysprep
  • Then type sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown /mode:vm

  • After that it will restart your server. Try to join again, Done!!!!!


When we clone VM it will generate same SID from the main server so we have to clean SID and generate new for new VM by using Sysprep tool from System32. I fixed this problem completely just follow above step by step then I can. If you have any question or suggestions about this topic, please leave your comment bellow I will try my best to review and reply you. Finally, thank for your attention here.

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