April 8, 2018

How to configure IP address in CentOS 7


This guide will assist you how to assign IP address to CentOS 7 minimal installation after you complete install (See how to install CentOS 7). We can assign by two method either CLI (Command Line) or GUI (Graphic User Interface). Let start

Method 1. By GUI (Graphic User Interface)

Login to your CentOS 7 as root, Then type bellow command

# nmtui

Use Tap, Scroll and Enter keyboard to edit setting.

Highlight on Edit a connection and hit ENTER

Highlight on Ethernet (ens33) that you want to assign IP address and use Tab key to Highlight on Edit.... then hit ENTER.

Enter IP Address, Gateway, DNS Servers then scroll down and hit ENTER on OK. Then back to Ethernet Screen Hit BACK. Then back to NetworkManager screen hit QUIT.

Method 2. By CLI (Command Line Interface)

Using nano command
Install nano command 

# yum -y install nano

Navigate to Network Script directory

# cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
#nano ifcfg-ens33

For Dynamic IP


We have completely assign IP to CentOS7 after fresh install by Graphic User Interface (GUI) or Command Line (CLI). If you have any question or suggestions about this topic, please leave your comment bellow I will try my best to review and reply you. Finally, thank for your attention here.

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